Tuesday, November 21, 2006

For the woman who has everything - somewhere to put it.

WHAT: Latico Leather Bags
WHERE: Winners
HOW MUCH: $100 - $200

Few things in life beat the the beautiful simplicity and practical functionality of a well made leather bag. Having studied my mother's shopping habits closely since I was a wee one, I have always appreciated the beauty of the perfect bag. But while she goes for vintage clutches, I have developed an obsession for the capacious yet fashionable leather purse. Sure, a modest little pocketbook always looks charming, but give me the bag that will hold my notebook and lipgloss and the apple I was supposed to have at lunch yesterday and still look gorgeous doing it.

The line of leather bags from Latico has everything I dream of in a bag - useful organizational pockets, madcap colours, stylish flair and of course, good strong leather that will stand up to anything. Their laptop bags are particularly useful - I have one in apple green that I never fail to get complimented on (pictured here) and a more casual one in poppy orange.

Unfortunately, they only sell wholesale - but if you go hunting at Winners, you can often find one out of its natural habitat.

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