Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lovely letters

WHAT: Typewriter Charms
WHERE: Tokens & Coins
HOW MUCH: $34 and up

Being a writer, I have always had a fascination for all things type-related. These adorable charms from Tokens & Coins make me want to haul out the old typewriter and start plonking away again, technology be damned.
Cufflinks! Precious! They bring to mind Girl Fridays typing away in 50's detective stories. I adore the quaintness of it all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The perfect work companion

WHAT: Behemoth Coffee Mug
WHERE: Starbucks
HOW MUCH: Around $20

Admittedly, its shape does not appeal. In fact, it bottom-heavy silhouette calls to mind my own unfortunate pear-shaped figure. But trust me, this is the best work mug you will ever own. Its firm rubber-backed bottom means it will never topple over that important spreadsheet for the meeting with the VP. Also, it acts as a coaster, so no more embarrassing cup stains on the polished boardroom table. But the best part is that the bottom half is stainless steel, keeping your coffee hot to the last drop. And let’s face it – it’s a lot prettier than all those Howard & McGeezer Morning Show mugs that are stacked in the office kitchen.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Frugal Friday

WHAT: Pretty gift boxes
WHERE: Dollarama
HOW MUCH: $1! Hurrah!

After my recent posts leaning to the exorbitant side, I though these pretty boxes from Dollarama would be a refreshingly affordable change (not this box exactly, but similarly cute ones. I guess the $1 price tag precludes them from having a website with product photos.) For a measly loonie, how can you go wrong with cute and whimsical gift boxes to brighten up your desk or dandy up a birthday present? Dollarama, you are my hero.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Start saving those pennies, girls

WHAT: Leather City Satchel
WHERE: M0851
HOW MUCH: around $300

One of my first orders of business when I moved downtown was to get myself a city satchel. When I used to make my sporadic jaunts to Queen Street from the depths of Scarberia, I always looked with envy upon the cool urban hipsters with their funky sneakers and capacious shoulder bags. Being from the ‘burbs, the concept of a bag needed for walking places was alien to me – I got in the car and drove to the corner store which was 30 feet from my front door. But when I moved downtown, I quickly realized that my clunky, pretty bags with the miniscule handles would be useless. I needed a trusty bag I could throw over my shoulder and walk with comfortably for countless city blocks. But of course, it had to have style.

That was when a coworker introduced me to the glory that is M0851. His bag glowed with the richness of Italian leather the colour of vintage Cabernet. Its butter soft hide gave of an air of effortless élan and old money. I had, had, HAD to have one of these bags.

After many, many lustful looks at the window displays and few trips inside where I covetously stroked the bags one by one, I finally broke down and bought a medium size shoulder bag in rich dark chocolate. It is my weekend bag; it goes with me everywhere, over a down parka or a yoga hoodie or a jean jacket, and lends an easy style to my weekend wear.

It may be expensive, but it is worth every penny. (And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can find it at 20% off at Sydney’s in Queen west.)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Saviour

WHAT: The Cropped Jacket
WHERE: Club Monaco
HOW MUCH: $179

I come from a long line of generously-hipped women. And by generous, I don’t mean Kate Winslet; I mean ancient Sicilian peasant women who spend their days planted in front of a stone counters rolling out acres of pasta. It all starts off well enough; I am what you would euphemistically call pear-shaped. When I look at my mother, she has graduated to more of a butternut squash shape and my Grandma resides somewhere between the squash and an upside down mushroom.

Needless to say, this level of junk-in-a-de-trunk precludes me from sashaying down the streets of Toronto in the season’s hippest skinny jeans and slouchy boots. While I have resigned myself to a lifetime of A-line skirts and dresses that cinch the waist, I am thrilled to see that there is one trend that I can happily indulge in: the cropped jacket.

The 50's glamour and Audrey-Hepburn feeling of the cropped jacket enchant me; I can just see myself slinking into a party wearing one paired with elbow-length leather gloves and accessorized by an uber-long cigarette holder. Here, my favourite from Club Monaco; the graphic print and clean lines would look fantastic with a pencil skirt or even my trusty A-line. At $179, it’s a bit pricey for a trendy item, but I hold faith that it will go on sale before the season is out. Will keep you posted.