Friday, December 08, 2006

The mother of all shoes

WHAT: Clarks Privo shoes
WHERE: The Bay; Winners
HOW MUCH: $59.99 - $100

Since moving from the sprawling suburbs to my downtown apartment three months ago, I have prided myself on becoming the quintessential urbanite. Instead of fretting over drag-racing teenagers as I stroll down tree-lined streets, I now neatly sidestep screaming schizophrenics on my way to the corner store. Of course, the challenges of urban life do require me to be fleet of foot. Which is why I have traded in my stilletos for the cushioned glory that is Clarks.

I have always equated Clarks with yawn-worthy practicality. Growing up, my mother had a pair of dependable, faded Clarks sandals that she used for gardening every summer. She raved about their comfort, but after my Birkenstocks debacle of 1993, I had decided to stay far, far away from any item of clothing whose principle benefit was comfort. But upon seeing Clarks' new line of casual shoes, called Privo, I was instantly in love. The little knobby-things on the insoles massage my feet with every step, and the streamlined styles make them cool enough for the most urban hipster.

You can find them at the Bay for around $100, but if you are lucky enough to find them at the end of the season or happen upon a pair at Winners, you can get them for $60. Happy hunting!

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