Thursday, July 24, 2008

Question of the Day: To Return or Not to Return

As much as I am a shopaholic, I am a return-aholic. I almost never make my mind up right when I see something, so I bring it home, try it on...and usually return half of what I buy. This is great, in theory, except that in practice two disconcerting trends emerge:

1) I end up buying stuff I wouldn't really buy in the first place, reasoning that I can always return it
2) When I go to return it, I find something else I like instead, and usually end up blowing the whole refund.

Now, the issue is this: I have two things to return from Banana Republic, amounting to a pretty sizeable $200. One is a top I like, but admit was not worth what I paid for it; another is a dress that was unanimously voted on by my friends to be returned. But what if I go to return it, and get drawn in by the sales all over again? Sure, I can pretend that I am strong enough to resist that, but at this point, I am not sure that I am. On the other hand, it is $200 just sitting there.

What to do? Any ideas?

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